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About Us

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The Cascadia Soap Company is a small family enterprise dedicated to the creation of natural skin care products.

Joel, the original Cascadia founder, was born on a small farm and vineyard in the South of France. There, he observed his mother making soap the old fashioned way. For his family, the tradition of using available botanicals in the making of soaps, remedies, and infusions goes back many generations in the South of France. Over the years, Joel and his wife Maureen kept this tradition alive in Canada by collecting rose hips after the first frost and picking tender dandelions in early Spring to make salves and balms as required.

Having heard of the benefits of goat milk liposomes in soap, the Morassuttis began experimenting and eventually developed a technique used in producing rich, long-lasting, and moisturizing skin cleansing bars. Through word of mouth, the demand for this natural product grew very quickly. What was once a hobby, became a family enterprise.

The greater awareness of consumers is contributing to the rising demand for all-natural, earth-friendly, and cruelty-free skincare products. A growing number of discriminating consumers want skin care products that are environmentally conscious and non-toxic. More people than ever are experiencing skin sensitivities, thus increasing the demand for our all-natural, earth-friendly, and cruelty-free product. We therefore remain committed to handcrafting the highest quality natural skin care products with the very best mother nature has to offer.