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About Our Product

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At Cascadia, our soap is handcrafted in small batches and cured in a climate controlled room so as to produce the mildest long-lasting soap possible.

We start by combining - in varying proportions - oils of olive, coconut, and sustainable palm. Our goat milk soaps contain 40% organic goat milk to make it extra moisturizing. Natural preservatives such as vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract are used to give the soap a long shelf life: It gets milder and harder - therefore, longer lasting - with age. We only use RSPO certified palm oil in our products. RSPO certification is an assurance to buyers of palm oil products that the standard of production is sustainable.

We also use pure essential oils and essence oils in our soap. Some are chosen for their therapeutic value, others are used for their pleasant fragrance. When formulating skin care preparations such as soap, moisturizers, and salves, we carefully combine the most effective plant extracts, botanicals, vitamins, and oils. In this way, we create the products that are so valued by our customers.